Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl - "We sabing mama!"

I think it might be an understatement lately to say that she is daddy's little girl. She has had him wrapped around her finger since birth of course, but since Adam's arrival she has definitely made it clear that Steven is her "parent of choice" when it comes to bath, bed, feeding, dressing, changing, and even pooping! If Steven is home, then its "NO, MAMA! Daddy do!!" 

So one evening when Steven was shaving and Savanna was attached to his hip watching him she appearently wanted to try it out too! 
I happened to be snapping shots of Mr.Man in the next room and when I went to check out what all the giggling was this is what I saw

 At first I freaked out that he was really shaving her face....
 but he really wasnt, And she was none the wiser!
 Look at him look at her....

She was so proud cause she was "sabing wiff daddy, Mama! We sabing!"


Cassi said...

thats so cute!

Vicki said...

this is so special.