Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Family Photos!

I have been *dying* to share these with the world, but they were a surprise this year! I know, I know, "ohhh family photos- no surprise". But this year was different! It WAS!

My in laws are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. I know them well, I know what they like so that isn't the problem. The problem is they don't NEED anything. I'm sure this is something that most people face when shopping for there parents and in laws.

So late one night while I just happened to be up nursing it struck me! Something that Im SURE that they would LOVE, and I KNOW they don't have! Well at least not a current one. A Family photo with all of there children together.

Until the next morning I realized that it was going to take a little more to pull off than I had thought. My husbands step brother lives in southern CA. And I had NO idea when he would be coming home to visit. So I approached one of my sister in laws with the Idea, we started plotting! :) We WOULD pull this off.We did, it definitely took all of us to do this!

I secured an AMAZING Photographer. We figured out the date, and we had our fingers crossed for no rain.
OH and we were also hoping that no one would BLOW the surprise! NONE of us are good at keeping secrets from Mary! There was lots of plotting and planning between all of us.

Well, We did it! And luckily there was no rain THAT day. The day before it poured non-stop.

Here it is!! 

It turned out wonderful, everyone looked great! 

Now we all just had to keep it a secret for a another whole month! CRAP! Im sure of us at some point almost blew it.

But it was so worth it! As you can see below from Mary's reaction. 

We made her cry! We were all very proud!

Below are some of the rest of my favorites of the day!

If you are looking for a great photographer please check out Lucy Shea of Shea Shots Photography.

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