Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ABC's of me!

Ok this took a while but was well worth it! hope you find time to read it! and perhaps do it your self!

A - ADVOCATE FOR: things being fair. I have always hated when things seemed unfair. and while I know the world is not always fair, I try to do what I can in my power to make things fair for me and those around me.

B - BEST FEATURE: my skin, but I love my eyes, But if you were to ask my husband he would say my boobs, which are pretty nice too if do say so my self!

C - COULD DO WITHOUT: Spider and Bugs. EWWW i hate creepy crawly things. and i also don't like things that fly, except butterflies and lady bugs. I don't know why i like those two Creatures. maybe cause they are pretty.
I could also do with out people who strive to make others lives difficult.
D - DREAMS & DESIRES: More than anything, I desire balance in my life. That is my endless struggle. My marriage, my responsibilities, my hobbies, my health, my friends , my down time... I want to find the perfect balance to effectively manage all those things, so that nothing is neglected. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!

E - ESSENTIAL ITEMS: My camera, I love to always have it, and when ever i don't i always feel like i just missed some great opportunity, Bare essentials make-up, it makes my skin feel so clean and healthy, its pure and actually good for your skin, it allows it to breathe and that makes for less break outs. I cherish my nice skin.

F - FAVORITE PASS TIME: Scrap booking, I'm a pretty creative person when the mood strikes me. Also love camping, I would trade a week at Disneyland to camp. and I'm talking tent camping, bare minimums, i love to camp!

G - GOOD AT: I'm good at lots of things, or at least i like to think i am! The one thing I hope to be good at is being a mom. Only time will tell.
H - HAVE NEVER TRIED: There are lots of things i want to do that i have never tried, and many things i have never tried that i never want to try, like drugs , i have no need. I would love to however try to travel to as many places as i can, I would also like to try to learn to scuba dive, but the feeling of breathing underwater freaks me out, and I am not even good at Snorkeling.
I - IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: oh man, lets see i would buy a nice modest house, and furnish it. an a nice new car for me and my hubby and put the rest away for my children's education

J - JUNKIE FOR: snacks. I'm a snacker, who needs meals when you can just snack. also I'm a soap opera junkie. totally addicted to days of our lives, and trashy celebrity reality tv.

K - KINDRED SPIRIT: I think my friend heather, even though we have known each other only 3 years, its like we have lived the same lives. sometimes we scare each other with how alike we are.

L - LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I love to be lazy, some of you may know this already, but give me a choice of staying in my PJ'S all day lounging around watching movies or going somewhere, even somewhere fun, i will most likely choose to be lazy!

M - MEMORABLE MOMENT: My first Kiss with Steven. All though I always wanted to, it was ever so unexpected but unavoidable at the same time. That Kiss changed my life, and it profoundly changed Steven's, and most will say for the better. I cannot imagine if my life had kept on the path it was until that moment, Who knows where i would be or what i would be doing, And Steven for that matter too. Well i don't care to know cause i know i am exactly where i am supposed to be.
N - NEVER AGAIN WILL I: humm this is a hard one, There are many occasions where i have said "never again will i do this, or never again will i help them, or never again will i let that happen, truth is you cant say never, cause you honestly don't know what the circumstances will be the next time your faced with a similar situation. You may not have a choice, at least not one you could morally live with if you say no. So I would like to say that Never again will i be taken advantage of in any situation, but that is just a hope, because you really never know that until after its happened.

O - OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: humm...i believe i have a few of these, I have come to hate spending money, I'm talking in large chunks, It makes my stomach turn, I like to get the most out of our hard earned dollars, But sometimes it just feels good to splurge. weather its a nice dinner out, or a new fancy gadget, sometimes you just need to!
(but it still makes my stomach ache when i see the bill!)
P - PROFESSION: Right now i work in an accounting office for a very nice golf course. I don't see this as my profession, rather just a job, there is no room here for advancement, were not a growing company. I see myself in the health care profession, and i need to find a way to get there. I want that to be my profession and am trying to figure my best options for this, as i see this profession one that has mass flexibility that will afford me the most time to be what i am I'm a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a cousin, and aunt, a step mom, a friend, and in seven months i will become the most important profession in the world, a mother.

Q - QUOTE: Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never get hurt and live like its heaven on earth.
i don't know who said it but its a great one

R - REASON TO SMILE: my husband. he is truly a great man. he boggles my mind and frustrates me too, as i KNOW i do to him. But at the end of the day he makes me the happiest i could have ever dreamed.
S - SORRY ABOUT: my stubbornness, i know it drives many people in my life crazy (Steven) and I'm sorry that i cannot be less stubborn, but I'm also proud that I'm so stubborn, so that i have the courage to stand up for what i believe. Most people think its just cause I'm being a bitch or i hate being wrong or i don't like when things don't go my way. but its truly about passion and what i believe. (OK sometimes its all the other stuff to, but not always) I think it goes back to my great desire for everything to be fair.
T - TIME OF YOUR LIFE- I would have to say on my honeymoon, We went Quad riding, it was raining it was muddy, we were covered from head to toe in clay, we had to throw away all the clothes we were wearing, and shoes, but it really was one of the best days ever. Such a blast
U - UNINTERESTED IN: people that like to bitch all the time about everything always going wrong in there lives and NEVER try to make things better for themselves. especially when they are perfectly capable.
V - VERY SCARED OF: Clowns...I severely HATE clowns. and i dont hate many things. I've never been attacked by one, or tormented by one, but i have a hate for them like no other. They have no purpose, they need to go away also the dark. mostly outside in the dark but really if there is a light and I'm walking around it will be on, i just don't like the thought of what COULD be in the dark.I sleep in the dark yes, and i do not have a nightlight. but Too many scary movies when i was younger I'm sure. as i get older this fear gets worse
W - WORST HABIT: picking at my nails while i watch TV. mostly my toes nails. its bad, i have to get acrylic over my big toes so that i stop and my feet don't look so horrible when i wear sandals
X - X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Tahiti, the Caribbean, Hawaii, anywhere warm really.

Y - YUMMIEST DESSERT: cheesecake. hands down, no fruit on it just the yummy white sour cream type topping.

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: I am a Sagittarius, and I have a really hard time getting along with other people of this same sign, is that weird
basically this is me in a nut shell...ok clam shell, cockel shell, well what ever the shell its a pretty big shell!