Sunday, January 2, 2011

My UN-resolutions! :)


Do you make resolutions? 

I personally don't make them anymore because frankly they just don't work for me. I think the main reason that they don't work is because most of them are unrealistic and ultimately are not things that you can just say " I'm (not) going to do this..." and it be that simple. And if they were you would have already done it.

As much as I would like to resolve to do all the things my heart desires, I know that I need to approach it in a much different manor. 


So this year I'm setting goals for myself. Self change is a process, and in that process comes challenges and ups and downs. I am prepared to face these things head on and at full speed. 

Some of the things currently on my list

No.1- Get back to the gym. 
This is something that most people make into a resolution, they hit it hard for a few weeks or even maybe a month and then they miss a few days, that turn into weeks and well I'm sure you all know where this ends....
My plan for this is simple, I'm going to start small and work up so that I can feel progress and not get burnt out. My husband also has this at the top of his goals list, and I know that he will give me as much support as I want. Within this goal, our eating habits are going to change drastically to improve our health, budget and family time! I love to cook, and I love when my husband and I are on the same page on this stuff!
My main goal is not a number, All though I can think of several that Id LOVE to be seeing on the scale after giving birth to 2 kids! But really Id really just like to focus on my health, and how I feel and look, and not so much on numbers and sizes.

No.2 - Start contributing to our finances.
Not that I havnt been doing this at all, its just not as much as Id like. I know that Im a stay at home mom, but I feel that I have many skills that will allow me to start bringing in a little extra this year. I have several things in the works and am very excited to get to work on this!

No.3 - Being a better house keeper.
I will be the first to tell you that I HATE cleaning. I really do. But I love having a CLEAN house. I will also say that since Adam has been born things have been more of a challenge to keep up on. My laundry pile looks like it could have its own zip code right now. As much as I dislike cleaning I LOVE organizing. in the last 6 months things have become increasingly disorganized and I intend on spending LOTS of time in the next few months getting things back into the organization that I love. My house is by no means disgusting, but it would definitely not pass any white glove inspections!
My closet is a DISASTER to say the least, and my kitchen cabinets could really use a going threw. 

No.4 Getting out more. 
I think in the last few months or so Ive become too much of a homebody. I have a great group of girlfriends who are all stay at home moms and I normally get together with several of them a month if not more but in the last few months ( really since having Adam) Ive had no real desire to deal with the hassle that comes with trying to get the 3 of us up, and out of the house more than we NEED to. And Ive enjoyed being a lazy bum, wearing sweats and yoga pants for months, Ive also become lonely. I feel disconnected and I don't like it.

No.5 Finding a "Balance"
(2,4,&5 really go together I think)

Being a stay at home mom is probably the single greatest thing Ive been fortunate to do in my life. And I am so grateful that I have this opportunity. But I will tell you that it is equally challenging. I "work" from the time I'm up till the time I go to bed. I rarely get "me" time and having a 5 month old that is exclusively breastfed makes the "me" time That i do get either a gym session or some quiet time making jewelry.
Now I wouldn't trade any of that for anything, but I do know that as important as my "job" is as a mom, its equally important that I take care of Me. 

No.6 - Getting more sleep!
This one is rather comical since I have a baby, and he well...he has yet to establish a good sleep habit. So were working heavily on that. I also stay up too late when everyone else is sleeping so I can get in some of that "me" time! 

No.7- Learning more about my camera.
When my daughter was born Steven and I invested in a really nice camera. I have taken some great shots and received more compliments that I could have ever imagined but I know there is a lot more I can do with my camera! I plan to take a class or two geared toward the kind of photographs I take. 

No.8 Budget Better.
With only having one source of income, budgeting has become to mean a lot more. I intend to develop a budget that works for us. Along with making that budget work, I intend to find as many areas as possible to SAVE money. this includes simple things like cutting back on energy bills and water bills to clipping coupons shopping at cheaper places and utilizing the rewards programs I have . Being more creative with gift giving and decorating as well as finding more FREE things to do as a family.

No.9 Making more time for "family Time" 
We are so blessed to live where we do. There are so many different amazing outdoor places ( and indoor too) that are within driving distance from us. I fully intend to start exploring our "own back yard" as they say, a lot more. 

No.10 Grow my hair past my shoulders
This one is likely to take me the entire year if not longer. My hair grows so slow.

No. 11 Learn to knit.
I have always wanted to learn how to crochet or knit. I have tried crocheting and I just cant get it. So I'm hoping thatI can get the hang of knitting!

So, What are your goals for 2011?

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Angelina said...

Mon you are an AMAZING writer!! You should def think about a writing career in your list of passions to pursue. I am so impressed! Great work lady!! xoxo