Monday, January 10, 2011

The best bath ever!

I think its truly amazing just how different my babies have proven to be from each other thus far.

ONE of the most notable differences in these two is bath time! Savanna loved the water from day one, Adam, not so much. 
bath time is something that I DREAD.  At the beginning I figured oh he will get used to it and like it like a 'normal' baby. Well attempting night after night , baby bath, sink, shower, bathing with me....nothing was getting better its gotten to the point where Ill be honest I bath him as little as I can possibly get away with because he literally screams at the top of his little lungs the ENTIRE time, he is much more content to be wiped down with a cold baby wipe than to enjoy a nice warm, relaxing bath. Its miserable to say the least. He does however sleep well after because hes so exhausted from screaming.

Tonight, after a loooong afternoon of him fighting his nap I fed him a good amount of avocado and banana and decided that I really wanted to take a bath and since he was still awake he was coming with me.

Something just told me tonight was the night....And it wasn't the avocado in his neck rolls! :)

 He did this most of the time, laying on his back on my legs eating his feet. I'm sure they tasted much better since they were freshly washed!

 He even let me give him a "bubble hawk"
 Loved playing in the water, splashing with his feet, grabbing the bubbles and trying to eat them. He was so relaxed and happy. He even let me float him on his back just holding onto my fingertips.

 He really has a thing for his feet right now!
 we must have played for a solid 45 min, and he even let me dunk the back of his head to rinse the soap off his hair. Then he nursed, that was probably the most relaxing thing, he started to doze off so we got out!
 he was making faces in the mirror
 he is such a little ham!
after lotion and jammies he was out within five minutes!!

This bath made up for the loooong afternoon and the hour of crying and nap fighting.

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