Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting his GREAT,GREAT, Grandma Mary

We took this handsome little man to meet his Great, Great Grandma the week of thanksgiving.
Steven had Thanksgiving week off, which was perfect to get in a lot of family time! First thing on our agenda that week was taking Mr.Man to meet Great,Great Grandma Mary. (who had just celebrated her 90th birhtday the week before)

This Photo to me is priceless. Im so happy to have this photo for my children but it also makes me very sad that I do not have one with my grandma and my kids :(
This is Steven and (2) of our children, with His grandmother and HIS great grandmother.
This is Adam with his Great Grandma Vicki, she is very fond of Little AdamRichard. (he has one name according to her)
These women just LOVE this little guy, you can just see it! 

We had a wonderful visit with great grandma, she was having an amazing day!
and I had to throw in a picture of savanna eating a snack, well because this is something that she is ALWAYS doing!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I can't get over how cute of kids you make. I could admire them all day long. Precious babies!

Monica said...

awe thanks! that means a lot coming from another mom. Esp one that has adorable kids of her own!