Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorating the tree 2010!

Christmas is BIG in our house. Steven and I are both very into it! Our tradition since we have been together it to decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year Brynn wasnt with us that day so we just got it all set up and waited to decorate it till She came home on Sat! I think traditions should revolve around the people involved more than the "date". I'm so glad that we waited because Savanna and Brynn had so much fun! Even though it is technically her 3rd Christmas it was the first one she could really be part of the decorating process!

She was very sure that the ornaments belonged INSIDE the tree, So she would reach in as far as she could and set them in there!

Maybe they BOTH have a thing for the ornaments being inside the tree! Or maybe Brynn is just changing the trees oil! :)

Starting to get the idea that its cool if you can actually see the ornaments!

Our girls, very proud of their masterpiece!
Such cute sisters!

Little man woke up at the end to see what all the commotion was about!

And then Daddy put the final touch on the tree!

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