Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sourdough French Bread French Toast!

Living in Northern California sure does have its advantages! We have sourdough here that you just can't get ANYWHERE else.

One of my husbands accounts at work happens to be an AMAZING bakery, that specializes in bread! Every so often they bring Steven bread. They brought him several amazing loaves, the bad part is since it has no preservatives you have to eat it or do something with it right away!

So, I decided to make some french toast!
Sliced it perfectly thick
made a nice egg mixture to dredge it in, used about 12 eggs
Several tablespoons of Cinnamon, a little pumpkin pie spice, and for good measure I used Pumpkin creamer instead of milk!

Made sure to really let the bread soak up the mixture, I happen to like my french toast a little "eggy"! Is that a word?

then cook it up till its golden and done!
 I was purposely making this all to freeze for my girls for easy breakfasts! Its important to me that they eat a decent breakfast, and I'm all about easy these days! And learning to use my freezer for my convenience
So I lined the plastic container with foil, and started layering it with french toast
Till it was full and then put a lid on and stuck it in the freezer. useing the foil eliminated the need to flash freeze!
Now on mornings when I'm not feeling like 'super mom' my kids will never know! ;)

30 seconds in the microwave, a little syrup and some fruit! Viola!


Cassi said...

genius! yum yum

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This looks so yummy! I've never seen anyone make it with french bread. It's not too tough? At any rate, I want some now. Do you deliver? ; )

Monica said...

I love it with french bread, the sweetness of the french toast and the sour of the bread are just perfect!
No its not tough if you let it soak up enough of the egg!

I currently do not deliver! :)