Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nana's happy Day preperation -Part 2- Birthday Banner

While I had planned to have this party outside since we had been having BEAUTIFUL fall weather here in Sonoma County, Mother Nature decided otherwise. I hadn't planned much in the way of decorations but since we were moving this shin-dig indoors, I decided I needed to do something! I have seen these banners all over blog land, so this was in NO way my very own invention, only my design! They are Super easy and actually fun to make!

First thing, Find a font you love, I used Curlz MT, which worked perfect for my 'seussish' theme but was really actually kind of a pain to cut out. 

Type out your signage in word or what ever program you have and blow it up to about 300% and bold your letters if you like. Then print out your signage on card stock and start cutting! This was a tiedious process, I did a few letters each time I nursed threw out the day.  At this point, also print out any shapes and numbers you may want as well, I did "2" and A star! 

Then cut out your "flags" I just used a random assortment of card stock that I had in my scrap booking supplies

 And then I did some smaller flags in regular scrap-booking paper in random prints, glued them to the card stock and then glued the letters to the paper!

The best part of my theme this year was that because it was "seussish" imperfection was KEY. it gave all of my projects that special something!

I used scrap-booking eyelets to connect each flag to the next, and In between each word I used a star shape with the number "2"

I think it turned out Fantastic, and in all honesty its November 2, and its still hanging up. Every morning when Savanna Comes down stairs she says  "oh happy day nana" 
I plan on taking it least before she turns 3! 

I'm actually going to keep this for next year and replace the 2's with 3's!