Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monthly Dinner Challenge- week 1

Since late in my pregnancy and during the last three months, dinner time has evolved into what ever is convenient. Convenience mostly equals unhealthy, overly processed, fast food of some sort. This is NOT OK with me. I know its mostly my fault, and I do own this completly, which makes this MY responsibility to change. Now dont get me wrong, I do cook. and we have NOT eaten fast or easy food every day by any means, but a couple times a week at least, and really that is just TOO much.

I have a friend who COOKS. EVERY. MEAL. except ONE. Every month, all year, for the past how ever many years. This is just what she does. I once asked her how she keeps up the motovation to this and how she keeps it from being repetiive, She gave me a better answer than I could have asked for, She wrote and entire blog post about it. You can read it HERE! -(Go read it, I promise its worth it, but don't forget to come back and finish reading this one!)

So Im challenging myself for the month of November to cook for the whole month. Now I do realize that Thanksgiving is this month, and so is my birthday, as well as my hubbie being on vacation, So there WILL be days were NOT home at dinner time, and well that is just life. So I might have picked a bad month to start this challenge, but with me its now or never. If I put things off too long I just dont end up doing them! And Im really hoping that I really enjoy the results and will want to just keep this going.

Ive made a list of my regular meals as well as meals Id like to incorporate into our regular rotation, and a few suggestions from friends! Im open to any and all suggestions anyone may have as well!

I started this on November 2nd-  
Tuesday-Pan Simmered Pork chops W/ Rice and veggies
Thursday-Talapia ( from schwans) with Rice and Veggies
Friday- Low Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup- my very own Recipe to come!!
Sat- LowFat Beef Stroganoff
Sunday- Rount tip roast, oven roasted baby potatoes and salad.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Yay you!! How's it going so far?

Thank you SO much for the referrals. :)

Monica said...

So far so good! I have officially made it a week!!

and of course your welcome! you have been my inspiration!