Monday, November 8, 2010

Kids Halloween project!

I actually learned this project from my friend Jeny, who learned it from someone else. But I forgot to do it BEFORE Halloween, But its something I want to do every year to look back on and see how my kids have grown So I did it a few days late! :)

These are SUPER easy and fun to make!

These are Adam's 
These are Savanna's

So simple, yet so adorable! You just paint there little feet white and there hands (minus the thumb) black and Viola! You have and adorable little ghost, and a cute little spider!

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LBT said...

Oh my gosh, I love these! This is such a cute idea and gr8 for keeping to remember their little hands and feets. I think I'm going to do this today (or 2moro, at the latest) ;) Thanks for the inspiration.

P.S. I came to you from BzzAgent...weird, huh??? Glad I found you. Come check out LBT when you get a chance. Thx!!!