Monday, April 13, 2009

Savanna and her new high chair!

Savanna is LOVING trying new foods. She LOVES to eat, she LOVES the spoon. She REALLY LOVES Biter Biscuits. But it was getting to hard to feed her in her little bouncie chair, she didn't like laying back to eat.
So Umma got her a High chair, and she LOVES its.
after a little meal....shes a little tired, its takes a lot of work to get this messy.
Thank you Mary for the high chair, and thank you Sarah for picking it out, its so easy to clean!


Mary said...

she looks sooooo little in it...

but absolutely adorable...

anything for my nana

Monica said...

shes is little, she is tiny a teeney tiny little itty bitty nana.

she is small.

in my mind, in my dreams, she is still 6lbs 10oz tiny baby.

crap, she is so big.

i want her to be little again