Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brynn Donated her hair to locks of love!

**Warning-this may make you cry a lil Mary**

Here she is, all in cute little glory! She has be BEGGING us for months to cut off her hair. Steven kept saying "NO WAY"

Well she finally broke him. He said OK. She could cut it to her shoulders.

So we started to wonder if she had enough hair to donate.

Well she did, IF they went shorter. And by that point Brynn was so excited to donate her hair and she wanted it shorter anyways


literally grabbed and chopped!


No we haven't seen it in person. so im not sure what its going to look like after its wet and curly, but Bonnie said in this pic its dried well see!

This is sure going to make some little child a very beautiful wig!

And Little Brynn is so proud to be able to help a sick child. She has such a big heart!

I am going to scrapbook this for her FOR SURE!! Its a big one!

Im so excited to see her tonight and see it in person!


Valerie said...

Saw this on facebook. Super sweet of her. I am still shocked my how long and straight her hair had gotten!

Monica said...

her mom straightened it in that picture, i just have a feeling now that its short its going to either get super curly and be even shorter....or its never going to be curly again.

well see i guess

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That is so awesome. When my kids are old enough (grow enough hair) I might have G do it. :)

Monica said...

oh man in person it is even cuter than the picture!

I wasnt 100% with the pics, but it is truely adorble and sooo her!

Vicki said...

Oh...She looks darling, but her hair was so beautiful