Friday, April 17, 2009

our easter

So excited to see eachother, April and Brynn coloring eggs.
This is Gizmo, Stevens favorite part of going to my aunts house! Shes not winking, she just has one eye!
sooo excited to go down stairs and see what the easter bunny brought them!
Looking for eggs!
Nana found her basket!
Then dug threw it with her dad
she slept threw the egg hunt, tired lil baby needs her beauty rest!
the girls making bracelets
always being a good dad
but being that the girls woke up at 6 to find eggs, 10 am is a good time for a nap,
steven and kevin sleeping


Amanda said...

aww cute, looks like they had fun!

Vicki said...

Poor P was tired

Mary said...

I love it...

what a beautiful family..

looks like a GREAT time...