Thursday, October 14, 2010

My "crush" and my fear of the beard!

Im not one who "normally" has a celebrity crush. Yes there are actors that are attractive, and I do have a soft spot for Owen Wilson...something about his crooked nose just..but Baseball players on the other hand they are who I normally have my celebrity crushes on. And for the last several years it has been this man....

I LOVE the arm cross he does when he saves the game. I don't know why, I just do. He drives my husband crazy cause of the way he blinks. REALLY? the way he BLINKS? YES! I would have never noticed it, but of course Steven pointed it out to me. So I did the same in return to him about the girl from NCIS LA.  lol!

So for the last few years I have loved this baseball eye candy, I even started to REALLY like to watch the ends of the games....but the BEARD? I think its gotten out of hand, Im all for a little manly scruff...but a full on bushel of a beard....No good!

Dear Brian Wilson,
I happen to think you are delicious but I fear the BEARD is making you less attractive, and the just for men hair dye that you use on it is NOT helping. but I respect the superstitions of baseball.
Please also stop giving my husband a heart attack in the ninth inning when you decide to load the bases. Just please do your job, 15 pitches max would be good!

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

Confession time. I wish my husband would shave that shit more often. Blech. I. HATE. beards. TOO!!