Friday, February 6, 2009

Such a good big sister!

Last night when we were unpacking Brynn room she realized that there were several books that she had 2 copies of. so she said "I need to give these to Savanna, Put them in her room please." so we did, then she was looking at the books as we took them out of the box she would say " I know this one already, you should give it to Savanna to learn" I told her that for now we will just keep them on her shelf and she can read them to Savanna. She thought this was a great Idea. So Steven Just sent me this photo.....

Not the Best quality pic, but she is reading her a little golden book called "The Pokey Little Puppy" And I just love much Savanna is paying attention. So cute, just melts my heart!


Amanda said...

that is adorable, and it is sooo cute that savanna is paying attention, haha.

Monica said...

and she is also the 1st child, as well as the 3rd, and an only child as well as a sibling,

such a complex little banana!