Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planting Gardens

A week or so ago we were having some unseasonably warm weather here. The kind that makes you beak out the shorts and realize you dont have any sunscreen thats not expired!

We were able to get out and about every day during that nice weather, which was something everyone (mostly my sitr crazy 2 year old) really needed! We ate dinner on our patio every night, we to the park everyday at least once, went on evening walks around the neighborhood, played in the yard, met up to celebrate with old friends and planted spring flowers. It was a great week, made me so excited for summer!

During one of the days savanna and I planted some flower seeds and some bulbs in some hanging baskets that we found at the dollar store! (sometimes that place has GREAT finds!)

 At first she was just throwing them in
 But then she got a little more concerned with placing them just right!
 She was most excited about scooping the dirt with her princess cup

She doesnt enjoy having stuff on her hands, constantly wiping them off!

 we planted a few bulbs in each of the 4 baskets, and them sprinkled them with wildflower seed mix
Then we gave them a good soaking!
 watering her gardens has become her favorite daily activity!
 As I was hanging up the holders on the fence for her baskets she got a hold of the box with the rest of the wildflower seeds
  she just wanted to ensure that a few flowers would be GUARANTEED to bloom in this one! :)

This is just TWO days later...sava

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