Friday, August 21, 2009

1st day of 1st grade!

So proud to be sitting at her own desk!
Today when Steven took her to school the teacher had very good things to say about Brynn. We were told that she is the only child in the class that can read along with her. Most kids have a few words that they know, but she feels that Brynn will be moving along to chapter books before we know it!
This is Brynn and her BFF Hannelore! They are really great friends. They are very excited to be sitting in the same group of desks! There personalities are completly the opposite of one another and compliment eachother so well!


Vicki said...

Well, I just love this. Brynn is gonna be a good reader like this family is. Its a true gift.
She is so darn cute.

Charise said...

that is soooo cute!

Mary said...

I want to print the one picture of her at her desk..

I want it for my office...

do you have it?