Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am still here.....somewhere, under all these boxes!

I cannot believe its already March. Where has this year gone?

"Hello, 2011?....Can you hear me?....PLEASE slow down!"

We had been toying around with the Idea of moving for a few months, and at the end of January we found the perfect house.

So since then I have been packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, organizing, and this last week DECORATING! My favorite part! I have actually been working on a HUGE project this week, I cant wait to show it off! I started this project just about 2 years ago! And its Going on the wall TOMORROW!!!

Along with all the moving stuff, Ive been busy trying to sleep train my 7 month old, trying to get him to take a bottle. There hasnt been too much sleep on my end in the last few months. Once I *finally* decided that I was over not sleeping very soundly because there was a little baby in my bed for at least 60% of the night, and I convinced myself I was prepaired  for the 2-3 sleepLESS nights it would take to get him settled and into a great sleep pattern I finally began my battle.Well, 3-4 sleeepNONE weeks later....Battle seems like to nice of a word for what this little guy is doing to me. Im EXHAUSTED to say the least. He is just really not a sound sleeper, he is restless and wakes himself so often by his own movements. He is too big to swaddle, and really would not have it anyway. And Im about ready to fashion some device that safely attaches the pacifier to the babies mouth for the entire night.

Ive been keeping myself busy during the day trying to get this house decorated wall by wall. There are A LOT of BIG walls in this house. BIG walls, that I have always wished for, so many Ideas....Now that I have them....Im at a loss, well, maybe not a loss for ideas. a loss of time, and money, and sensibility.

So that is pretty much what I have been up to in my absence.

Stay tuned...I have great things planned! (Sleep isn't one of them I'm sure!)

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Dan.Eliot said...

As a single dad I am very happy to have what some would perceive to be a “small family”. three children, two dogs, one cat, and yes the pets are part of our family. It’s not the size of the family that counts but the family inside that counts. Have a great day....

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