Friday, March 7, 2008


yeah i miss the nights where i slept threw the night, slept in really late in the morning, never woke up in the night. pshhh those are looooongggg gonnnnnneeee. :(
seems i cant get comfortabe in my bed. I think my husband is hogging the bed, and he is definitly hogging the covers, which is so annoying. we are totally oppisite sleepers. NOTHING wakes him up. EVERYTHING wakes me up. if he so mush as breathes funny im awake. aside from my husband, i have my dog, chomper, who is a GREAT sleeper, only he likes to cuddle and that gets kind of annoying after a few hours. OH and then i have my cat. His name is EVIL KITTLY, EK for short, and that should pretty much give you an idea of what he is like at night. Usualy he pounces on you, attacks you and bites you cause he thinks it fun, but lately he has wanted to cuddle, and he wants to be right in your face and he purrs so loud and rubs his face all over yours. annoying.
plus there is a ROOSTER that lives out side my house, and living where i do its nice and clear and the moon is bright...this rooster crows at the f-ing moon. yeah. the moon.
not only do all these things wake me up but then i get up at least once to pee, and once cause i need water.

i have a feeling this is gonna get worse before it gets better!

Monday, March 3, 2008

my cousin turned 30!

Janel is one of my best friends. She is an amazing person with a heart of gold. She is a great listener and and a great friend, I'm blessed that not only is she my friend she is my family. They say you dont get to choose who your family is, but your stuck dealing with them forever, and this may ring true for many people in our family Janel is not one of them. I would choose her over and over. We often joke that were separated at birth, or were meant to be sisters. We are two of a kind, definitely cut from the same cloth.
We have very similar qualities, hobbies and now lead very similar lives, Janel met a great man, her perfect match, who at the time had a 1 1/2 year old daughter. Her name is April, and she is 6 months older than Brynn, They too are best friends! She is always there for me, as we have to deal with very similar issues, it nice to have someone that understands exactly what your going threw and feeling!
Here's to you Janel, and to a lifetime of friendship!

Today is her 30th Birthday. Wow it seems like just yesterday we were sliding down her hillside in soda flats, hair a mess, still in our pj's. Or sleeping on the air mattress on the deck at grandmas during the summer but that was about 20 years ago...its amazing how time flies. I spent the weekend with Janel and her mom, My Auntie Claudia. We did girly things like facials and pedicures, a little shopping that the outlets and a great dinner at a little sea food dive in Moss Landing. We followed that on Sunday with a leasurly breakfast where i had the best omelet I've ever tasted! We took the dogs to Monteray bay and they had the time of there lives! I had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful. Chomper liked the beach but was less than thrilled that i made him walk all 3 miles! he was exhausted when we got back to the car, and slept the entire 5 hour ride home!

Frog cake!

Well February 29th is a very special day, it happens only once every four years. That is pretty special, BUT in our family February 29th is special for a different reason! It is Jonnys birthday. Jonny is my nephew, He turned 4 this leap day, but his 1st REAL birthday! So in true leap day fashion his mommy planned a great frog themed party for him! And since I have a new found love of baking cakes, I offered to be the cake maker for his special day! I spent hours looking online for that perfect cake, and let me tell you there are some many great forg cakes out there. But the one that caught my eye, there was something about this cake i knew Jonny would just love. So i thougt about it and how i could make it a little different, and a little more "jonny" and i figured it out. The cake i saw was just a frog, very cute, and tasty looking, with one lone fly made of frosting on the cake board. I would make a frog but i would make MANY flys. I fashioned these flys on mini cupcakes and surrounded the Frog. I also placed a Fly Directly on his tounge. Jonny did love this, as did brynn and as i made it i watched her salivate and dream of stuffing her little face full of cake! The cake turned out great! it was such a hit with the kids! Im already trying to think of more reasons and events to make cakes for, I have so many ideas! We have a graduation coming up in our family...perhaps that.....


My husband is a hopeless Romantic, very thoughtful, and always trying to surprise me! don't get me wrong he still does ALL the annoying man things! but he did surprise me with a disneyland trip for Valentines day! I had no idea we were going until the very last minute, he came home from work and said pack a bag were going somewhere! awww...I really thought we were going to my cousins cause I had been dying to go visit her and she lives near Montery! NOPE! We didn't get to take little miss Brynn, it was the weekend of her moms baby shower, so that was a bummer, but we had an amazing half weekend at the happiest place on earth! It was good to have some time that was just for us. we needed that! We ran around that place like little kids! It was well worth the 14 hours that we spent driving there and back! And hey it guess what? I ended up getting pregnant that weekend! who knew that a weekend at the happiest place on earth would end in the result of a brand new life! HOW AMAZING! 

the exploratorium!

A few weeks back we had a
little family outing to the
Exploratorium and Pier 39.
Brynn is such a little explorer,
that it was just the place
for her to be!

As she is sooo full of questions that need answers, she has a great desire
for knowledge and is such a sponge.

I love teaching her things,

and knowing she will carry
that knowledge with her for ever,
and one day teach her children.


Brynn and Steven made this masterpiece. She was SOOO intrigued with how this worked. It is proudly displayed in her bedroom as its a little to big for the fridge. :)
We then ventured to Pier 39 for some lunch and a carosel ride of course!