Friday, March 7, 2008


yeah i miss the nights where i slept threw the night, slept in really late in the morning, never woke up in the night. pshhh those are looooongggg gonnnnnneeee. :(
seems i cant get comfortabe in my bed. I think my husband is hogging the bed, and he is definitly hogging the covers, which is so annoying. we are totally oppisite sleepers. NOTHING wakes him up. EVERYTHING wakes me up. if he so mush as breathes funny im awake. aside from my husband, i have my dog, chomper, who is a GREAT sleeper, only he likes to cuddle and that gets kind of annoying after a few hours. OH and then i have my cat. His name is EVIL KITTLY, EK for short, and that should pretty much give you an idea of what he is like at night. Usualy he pounces on you, attacks you and bites you cause he thinks it fun, but lately he has wanted to cuddle, and he wants to be right in your face and he purrs so loud and rubs his face all over yours. annoying.
plus there is a ROOSTER that lives out side my house, and living where i do its nice and clear and the moon is bright...this rooster crows at the f-ing moon. yeah. the moon.
not only do all these things wake me up but then i get up at least once to pee, and once cause i need water.

i have a feeling this is gonna get worse before it gets better!


Sarah Michele said...

Think of it as practice :P I used to be such a heavy sleeper but after becoming a mom it all changed. I don't think I have hit R.E.M sleep in a good 4 years!
Eventually you adjust and your body learns to function on little to no sleep, I promise!
I know you are pregnant but a little bit of caffeine is OK too!

Vicki said...

Yup, you can count those long sleep ins a thing of the past.
Lock the pets in the bathroom, and put your husband on the couch. Ahhhh, but then theres that bathroom issue.

Sarah Michele said...

Bed Pan!

Monica said...

we have two bathrooms! better yet maybe i should put all three of them on the couch!! ahahahahhhahaha!

Sarah Michele said...

No! The bed pan is so YOU don't have to get outta bed! OK gross.

Monica said...

oh i get it! GROSS!! ok im lazy but not that lazy and then think of all the work i woul dhave to do if it spilled! the toilet really is only like 5 feet from my bed!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's so funny, I'm dealing with some of the same things. :)

Valerie said...

I am the lightest sleeper on Earth, anything wakes me up. Falling asleep is also hard, a clock ticking is enough to drive me insane. When JJ was a kid there was an explosion on his street (propane tank or something) and he slept though it. That is pretty much JJ's sleeping in a nutshell.
I have yet to find a solution to this.